What we do is secret. Because we want to conquer the world and give all the idiots a brand new religion. But this – just like pretty much everything else – can only work with good music. So step #1 on the road to world domination is the spreading of good music. Keep it a Secret Booking is step #1.

Well, you could also see Keep it a Secret Booking the way it really is: a small booker for some friends and fellow artists who would like to see their share of the whole wild world. In short: I started this thing after some friends (thank you, taunuszweitausend) asked me to help them book their shows. I somehow ended up putting on more shows than booking shows/tours. Mostly punk rock or hardcore, but the occasional acoustic show is fine with me, too.

Please note: No, I don’t do metalcore shows. Never have and never will. You see, I’m doing this just for fun and I will probably never ever make any money off a show I put on. I’m not saying the music is bad, it’s just not the genre I like. So please don’t bother me with countless emails. Furthermore, I consider myself to be anti-sexist and anti-homophobic (I’m not even mentioning anti-racist here, ok?), so if your band only plays songs about titties and beer: don’t write me.

Yeah, I know, I have a weird mixture of German and English going on here on this page. Oh well …

Keep it a Secret

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