News // 05/11/2017

+ + + Wow, I was kinda lazy and didn’t update for one friggin‘ year. What happened in the meantime, you asked? Well, here we go:

1. KSR010 Bat Signal’s debut LP Straight out of Midnight is out and available in the shop here.
2. Simon Well’s solo record Crime of the Scene is new in the distro. That’s the guy from Snuff and Southport, and the LP is made up of acoustic versions of Southport songs. No need to mention they’re amazing, right?
3. Keep it a Secret is turning 7 years this month! To celebrate, there will be a nice punkrock show on Nov 18 at Kreativfabrik Wiesbaden with Hysterese, Empty Lungs, Lost Love and huelse. All infos in the show section.

To sum it up: go check out the store and come to Kreativfabrik Wiesbaden on Nov 18 for 7 Years of Keep it a Secret. Thanks. 🙂

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