WE WANT THE AIRWAVES used to my monthly DJ night for over 4 years here in Mainz. Eventually, the club discovered that punk rock does not pay the bills – who would’ve thought? It was the only regular punk rock/hardcore/skapunk party in town, and I’m really proud that I managed to get people to dance for such a long time! Of course, the name was taken from the Ramones songs We want the Airwaves.
Bands I play(ed): Ramones (obviously), Black Flag, NoMeansNo, The Liberation Service, Jawbreaker, No Use for a Name, Agnostic Front, Blondie, The Rezillos, No Fun at All, The Clash, Good Riddance, Leftöver Crack, Lagwagon, Down by Law, Masked Intruder, Rites of Spring, Düsenjäger, The Distillers, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Less than Jake, NOFX, Generation X, Leatherface, X-Ray Spex, Dover, Bikini Kill, EA 80, Slime, Nothington, Muff Potter, Love A, Frau Potz, Frau Doktor, Talco, Tragic Vision, New Bruises, Elway, The Copyrights, Fugazi, Swingin‘ Utters, Oskot, Barb Wire Dolls, Southport, Cobra Skulls. You get the point.

Playlist 15.01.2016
Playlist 18.12.2015 | feat. Gast-DJ Yamen
Playlist 20.11.2015 | 4 Jahre We Want The Airwaves feat. Steakknife // When There Is None // EvilMrSod
Playlist 16.10.2015
Playlist 18.09.2015
Playlist 21.08.2015
Playlist 17.07.2015 | Punk Rock Cover Special Vol. III
Playlist 19.06.2015
Playlist 19.06.2015
Playlist 15.05.2015
Playlist 17.04.2015
Playlist 20.03.2015 | feat. Gast-DJ Falk Fatal
Playlist 20.02.2015
Playlist 16.01.2015
Playlist 19.12.2014
Playlist 21.11.2014 | 3 Jahre We Want The Airwaves mit Konzert feat. Gast-DJ Ben Hectic Society
Playlist 17.10.2014
Playlist 19.09.2014
Playlist 15.08.2014
Playlist 18.07.2014 | Punk Rock Cover Special Vol. II
Playlist 20.06.2014
Playlist 16.05.2014
Playlist 21.03.2014
Playlist 21.02.2014
Playlist 17.01.2014
Playlist 20.12.2013
Playlist 15.11.2013 | 2 Jahre We Want The Airwaves feat. Gast-DJ Simon (OX-Fanzine/Blank When Zero)
Playlist 18.10.2013 | Live: My Defense + Death of Youth
Playlist 20.09.2013
Playlist 16.08.2013 | We Want The Airwaves vs. The Heatwaves
Playlist 19.07.2013 | We Want The Airwaves feat. tob*
Playlist 21.06.2013 | Live: Schreng Schreng & La La feat. DJ Jörkk (Love A/Schreng Schreng & La La)
Playlist 17.05.2013
Playlist 19.04.2013 | Punk Rock Cover Special Vol. I
Playlist 15.03.2013
Playlist 15.02.2013
Playlist 18.01.2013 | Live: Kings in Nappies + Ghost of a Chance
Playlist 16.11.2012 | 1 Jahr We Want The Airwaves feat. Hectic Society Ben
Playlist 19.10.2012 | We Want The Airwaves feat. Hectic Society Mike
Playlist 21.09.2012

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