Playlist 2013-10-18

We Want The Airwaves 18.10.2013
LIVE: My Defense + Death of Youth

Ramones – We want the Airwaves
Star Fucking Hipsters – Until we’re Dead
U.K. Subs – Warhead
Underground Railroad to Candyland – Over and O’er
Fabulous Disaster – My Addiction
Against All Authority – Silence is Golden But Duct Tape is Silver
Loaded – Somebody got dead
Naked Raygun – Soldiers Requiem
The Snips – Oh Brother
Jets to Brazil – You’re Having the Time of my Life
Box Car Racer – I feel so
Quicksand – Dine Alone
DGeneration – Dying for a Living
AFI – The Days of the Phoenix
True North – Single Fin Mentality
JFA – Blatten Localization
Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized
Dritte Wahl – Auge um Auge
Chaos Z – Duell der Letzten
Audio Karate – Jesus is Alive and Well (and Living in Mexico)
Horace Pinker – Suppose To
4 Ft. Fingers – Proud to know you
Upfall – Fettleibigkeit und Fussgängerzone
Reel Big Fish – Thank You for not Moshing
Not Available – Punk Rock Star
Live-Set Death of Youth
Live-Set My Defense
The King Blues – What if Punk never happened
Anastasis – Right Way
Adolescents – Kids of the Black Hole
Kackschlacht – Dosenbier
EyeShotEmily – Rights & Primes
Agnostic Front – Love to be Hated
… But Alive – Niemand beisst die Hand, die einen füttert
X – We’re Desperate
Bambix – Headstrong
Good Riddance – Stand
The Clash – Police on my Back
Frank Turner – Four Simple Words
Skin of Tears – Sunny Side of Life
The Vandals – Let the Bad Times roll
Less than Jake – Johnny Quest thinks we’re Sellouts
Bad Religion – A Streetkid named Desire
Fights & Fires – Chase the Blues
Lifetime – Theme Song for a New Bruinswick Basement Show
One Last Wish – This Time
Kids Insane – No Place like Home
Spermbirds – Something to Prove
Paint it Black – Bravo! Another Beautiful „Fuck You“ Song!
Johnny Rook – Freudensammler
Transplants – DJ, DJ
Small Town Riot – Fuck those who
Favorit Parker – The Goodnight’s Sleep
Turbostaat – Sohnemann Heinz
Pascow – Trampen nach Norden
Die Kassierer – Ich töte meinen Nachbarn und zerstückel seine Leiche
Disco/Oslo – Madrid is Burning
Fugazi – Blueprint
Feine Sahne Fischfilet – Komplett im Arsch
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Impression that I get
Iggy Pop – The Passenger
Leatherface – I can’t help falling in Love with you
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
Beatsteaks – Hello Joe
Rancid – Ruby Soho
Snuff – Take me Home (Piss off)
Jawbreaker – Boxcar
EA 80 – Auf Wiedersehen

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