Playlist 2015-04-17

We Want The Airwaves 17.04.2015

Und hier die Playlist von Freitag. 103 Songs, nur 8 vom letzten Mal.

NOFX – The Decline
The King Blues – What if Punk never happened
Dear Dust – Poison Heart
Keine Zähne im Maul aber La Paloma pfeifen – Leb so, dass es alle wissen wollen
Die Strafe – Bereit
Embrace – Dance of Days
De Heideroosjes – Dignity
The Swellers – His Name is Robert Paulson
Bratmobile – I’m in the Band
No Use for a Name – Dream Police
Diesel Boy – She’s my Queen
Chumped – Long Division
The Smith Street Band – Surrender
Dead to Me – I love my Problems
Red City Radio – This Day has seen better Bars
Make Do and Mend – Count
Leatherface – In the Pale Moonlight
Forgetters – Vampire Lessons
Rites of Spring – For Want of
Alkaline Trio – This could be Love
Love equals Death – Pray for me
Cigarette Crossfire – Brave the Storm
Wasted – Here comes the Darkness
When There Is None – Tidal Wave
TSOL – Wash Away
The Damned – Wait for the Blackout
Nothington – All the Way
Muff Potter – Unkaputtbar
Pascow – Wenn Mila schläft
Die Toten Hosen – Hier kommt Alex
Sham 69 – If the Kids are united
Eddie & The Hot Rods – Do anything you wanna do
Ramones – Rock’n’Roll Highschool
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes – My Boyfriend’s Back
Big D & The Kids Table – Noise Complaint
Operation Ivy – Smiling
Reel Big Fish – Thank you for not moshing
NOFX – Kill all the White Men
Rancid – Journey to the End of the East Bay
We are the Union – Thank You
+ 44 – When your Heart stops beating
Descendents – Original Me
Epidemics – Never grow up
Fabulous Disaster – Flesh and Bones
Millencolin – No Cigar
Bouncing Souls – Hopeless Romantic
Blink 182 – The Rock Show
Nerf Herder – Welcome to my World
Talco – La Macchina del Fango
Ska-P – Cannabis
Distemper – I believe
Bad Religion – Punk Rock Song
Ramones – Surfin‘ Bird
Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster
Blondie – Dreaming
Green Day – Welcome to Paradise
The Clash – I fought the Law
The Offspring – The Kids aren’t alright
Anti-Flag – The Bright Lights of America
AFI – Totalimmortal
Misfits – Last Caress
Turbonegro – Are you ready for some Darkness?
Ignite – Let it burn
Rise Against – Ready to Fall
Vodka Juniors – This one’s for the Kids
H2O – What happened
Bad Religion – American Jesus
Social Distortion – Don’t drag me down
Dropkick Murphys – I’m shipping up to Boston
Pennywise – Blitzkrieg Bop
Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown
Rancid – Roots Radicals
The Clash – Should I stay or should I go?
The Undertones – Teenage Kicks
When There Is None – Love will tear us apart
Ignite – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Reel Big Fish – Take on me
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Devil’s Night out
Broilers – Harter Weg (Go!)
Feine Sahne Fischfilet – Komplett im Arsch
Die Ärzte – Schunder-Song
Die Toten Hosen – Bonnie & Clyde
WIZO – Tod im Freibad
Pascow – Trampen nach Norden
Turbostaat – Harm Rochel
Beatsteaks – Hello Joe
Ramones – The KKK took my Baby away
Pennywise – Bro Hymn Tribute
Bombshell Rocks – On my Way
Agnostic Front – Gotta Go
Anti-Flag – Die for your Government
Rise Against – Prayer for the Refugee
The Fire Still Burns – Insert Motivation Here
NOFX – Bob
No Use for a Name – Invincible
Millencolin – Bullion
The Offspring – Something to believe in
Lagwagon – Reign
Satanic Surfers – … And the Cheese fell down
Jawbreaker – Chesterfield King
Nothington – Ordinary Lives
Disco//Oslo – Never say Goodbye
Die Bullen – Feierabend

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