Playlist 2015-06-19

We Want The Airwaves 19.06.2015

Minutemen – #1 Hit Song
999 – I’m alive
Southport – Little by Little
Doctor Bison – Make me yours
Jawbreaker – Fireman
Old Flings – Senseless
Iron Chic – Bogus Journey
Red Tape Parade – You can only say what it is in French
Scarlett Pills – The One beside you
Remedy – Once bitten twice shy
Sonic Surf City – Vote for Summer
The Razorblades – I wanna be on the Radio
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Don’t worry Desmond Dekker
Frau Doktor – Wer mich leiden kann kommt mit
Terrorgruppe – Wochenendticket
Wilde Zeiten – Fünf Sterne Punks
Die Ärzte – Bravopunks
Pillow Fight Club – Gurkenmenschen from Hell
Marathonmann – Die Stadt gehört den Besten
Blink 182 – Always
Bad Astronaut – Unlucky Stuntman
Samiam – Capsized
UK Subs – Warhead
TV Smith & Punk Lurex OK – The Future used to be better
Ramones – Today your Love, tomorrow the World
Eddie & The Hot Rods – Do anything you wanna do
The Clash – White Man in Hammersmith Palais
The Menzingers – I was born
The Lawrence Arms – Spit Shining Shit
Red City Radio – Show me on the Doll where the Music touched you
Face to Face – Blind
When There Is None – Tidal Wave
The Copyirghts – Worn Out Passport
Astpai – Stalactites of Heart
Bambix – Johann
Joye Manor – Catalina Fight Song
Not Scientists – Leave Stickers on our Graves
Lagwagon – Violins
No Fun at All – Celestial Q&A
Strung Out – Too close to see
The Flatliners – Eulogy
D.O.A. – Fucked up Ronnie
NOFX – Bob
Bad Religion – We’re only gonna die
Down by Law – Nothing good on the Radio
Beatsteaks feat. Dendemann – Wer A sagt muss auch B zahlen
Arrested Denial – Soweit
Mad Caddies – We’ll start to worry when the Cynics start believing
Buster Shuffle – Elvis vs. Wag
Die Toten Hosen – Daydreaming
Frank Turner – I still believe
Flogging Molly – Drunken Lullabies
Red City Radio – We’re the Sons of Woody Guthrie
Dropkick Murphys – Barroom Hero
Against Me! – New Wave
Rancid – Radio
Descendents – Original Me
Terrorgruppe – Mein Skateboard is wichtiger als Deutschland
Satanic Surfers – … And the Cheese fell down
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – I want my City back
Save Ferris – Come on Eileen
Reel Big Fish – Sell out
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes – Ain’t no Sunshine
Die Ärzte – Schunder-Song
Green Day – American Idiot
Sum 41 – Fat Lip
Rise Against – Savior
Anti-Flag – The Economy is suffering (let it die)
Pennywise – Fuck Authority
The Offspring – The Kids aren’t alright
Masked Intruder – Heart-Shaped Guitar
Ramones – Surfin‘ Bird
Less than Jake – All my best Friends are Metalheads
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Devil’s Night Out
Broilers – Harter Weg (Go!)
Die Toten Hosen – Bonnie & Clyde
WIZO – Ganz klar gegen Nazis
Pascow – Spraypaint the Walls
Bad Religion – Punk Rock Song
Beatsteaks – Let me in
Rancid – Roots Radicals
Descendents – Nothing with you
Blink 182 – What’s my Age again
Randy – Summer of Bros
Liberator – Kick de Bucket
The Busters – Mickey Mouse in Moscow
Distemper – I believe
The Methadones – Turning up the Noise
Buzzcocks – Ever fallen in Love (with someone you shouldn’t’ve)?
Ramones – The KKK took my Baby away
Stiff Little Fingers – Barbed Wire Love
Beatsteaks – I don’t care as long as you sing
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes – Country Roads
Ignite – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Social Distortion – Don’t drag me down
Iggy Pop – The Passenger
Against Me! – White Crosses
Dropkick Murphys – I’m shipping up to Boston
Jawbreaker – Boxcar
Agnostic Front – Gotta Go
Black Flag – Rise Above
Rise Against – Ready to Fall
Fugazi – Waiting Room
Pennywise – Bro Hymn Tribute
Ramones – I wanna be sedated
Misfits – Hybrid Moments
The Offspring – Come out swinging
Die Ärzte – Wie es geht
Muff Potter – Take a Run at the Sun
Schrappmesser – Auf alles reimt sich Saufen, zum Beispiel auf Bier
Pascow – Trampen nach Norden
The Clash – Should I stay or should I go?
NOFX – Don’t call me White
Dead Kennedys – I fought the law
Sham 69 – If the Kids are united
TSOL – Code Blue
Minor Threat – I don’t wanna hear it
Descendents – Bikeage
The Draft – Low Ze Rose
Hot Water Music – It’s hard to know
Bouncing Souls – True Believers
The Ataris – San Dimas High School Football rules
Nothington – The Escapist
Snuff – Take me Home (Piss off)

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