Playlist 2016-01-15

We Want The Airwaves 15.01.2016
Samiam – When we’re together
Mid Carson July – The Truth about Liars
Southport – The Last Time
One Thousand Directions – Live your Heart (and never follow)
Ramones – Something to believe in
HDQ – Toronto
TV Smith & Punk Lurex OK – The Future used to be better
Barb Wire Dolls – Where Mountains drink the Wine
Rocket from the Crypt – Ghost Shark
Tiny Empires – Just Imagine
Tim Timebomb – Blueprint
Pistol Grip – The Rebels are dead
The Lawrence Arms – Old Mexico Way
Crusades – The Transport of Intrepid Souls
Red City Radio – Electricity
Spanish Gamble – It’s all coming down
Bangers – Excuses be damned
Ten Foot Pole – Walkin‘
De Heideroosjes – I’m not deaf (I’m just ignoring you)
No Fun at All – Master Celebrator
Consumed – Wake up with a Smile
Propagandhi – Nation States
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
Transplants – DJ DJ
Spermbirds – Columbus Feeling
Rancid – Radio Havanna
Spittin‘ Vicars – Erotica
The Rezillos – Top of the Pops
The King Blues – My Boulder
Nerf Herder – Welcome to my World
Atom & His Package – I’m downright amazed at what I can destroy with just a Hammer
Antitainment – Subkultur brought to you by Sparkasse Hanau
Love A – Ramones
Die Lokalmatadore – Wir hassen die Ramones
Stage Bottles – Sailing close to the Wind
Misfits – I turned into a Martian
Ramones – Somebody put Something in my Drink
Bad Religion – Generator
Lagwagon – Razor Burn
Adam Angst – Wochenende. Saufen. Geil.
Schrappmesser – Auf alles reimt sich Saufen, zum Beispiel auf Bier
NOFX – Liza & Louise
The Get Up Kids – Action & Action
Shorebirds – People I live with
Das Frivole Burgfräulein – Urlaub in den Misanthropen
Die Toten Hosen – Opelgang
Broilers – Paul der Hooligan
Reel Big Fish – Thank you for not Moshing
Big D & The Kids Table – Noise Complaint
Feine Sahne Fischfilet – Distel im Beton
Terrorgruppe – Keine Airbags für die CSU
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Impression that I get
The Busters – Mickey Mouse in Moscow
Mad Caddies – SOS
A State of Grace – Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Girl after Midnight)
Nothington – All the Way
Beatsteaks – Atomic Love
The Thermals – Here’s your Future
The Damned – Love Song
The Vibrators – Automatic Lover
The Adverts – No Time to be 21
Off with their Heads – Never Run
Anti-Flag – Brandenburg Gate
Hüsker Dü – Don’t wanna know if you are lonely
The Undertones – Teenage Kicks
Blondie – Call me
The Clash – Rock the Casbah
Damned Street Seventeen – (In my) Neighborhood
Teenage Bottlerocket – Skate or Die
Randy – Summer of Bros
Masked Intruder – Heart-Shaped Guitar
Descendents – Silly Girl
The Offspring – Want you bad
Ramones – I wanna be sedated
MxPx – Punk Rawk Show
Misfits – Where Eagles dare
WIZO – Kriminell & Asozial
Die Kassierer – Ich töte meinen Nachbarn und verprügel seine Leiche
Penetration – Don’t dictate
When There Is None – Love will tear us apart
The Smith Street Band – Surrender
Nothington – Where I stand
The Methadones – Turning up the Noise
The Menzingers – The Shakes
NOFX – Don’t call me White
Dover – My Secret People
Ignite – Veteran
Face to Face – It’s not all about you
Rise Against – Prayer for the Refugee
Bad religion – 21st Century Digital Boy
Green Day – Basket Case
Pascow – Spraypaint the Walls
Millencolin – No Cigar
Satanic Surfers – Hero of our Time
No Use for a Name – Enjoy the Silence
Down by Law – 500 Miles
The Offspring – Self-Esteem
Blink 182 – What’s my Age again?
Reel Big Fish – Take on me
Bouncing Souls – True Believers
Rancid – If the Kids are united
H2O – One Life, One Chance
Dropkick Murphys – I’m shipping up to Boston
Black Flag – TV Party
Iggy & The Stooges – Search & Destroy
Die Ärzte – Ist das noch Punkrock?
Beatsteaks – Summer
WIZO – Raum der Zeit
Lagwagon – May 16
The Bones – Do you wanna?
Turbonegro – All my Friends are dead
The Distillers – City of Angels
Anti-Flag – Turncoat
Steakknife – Anthem
Goldfinger – 99 Red Balloons
Sham 69 – Angels with Dirty Faces
Buzzcocks – Ever fallen in Love (with someone you shouldn’t have)?
Stiff Little Fingers – Barb Wire Love
The Offspring – Da Hui
Liberator – Kick de Bucket
Less than Jake – Good enough
Red City Radio – Help save the Youth of America from Exploding
Masked Intruder – Wish you were mine
Pascow – Trampen nach Norden
Jawbreaker – Boxcar
Dead to Me – I love my Problems
Iron Chic – Every Town has an Elm Street
Pennywise – Die for You
Leatherface – Springtime
Ramones – We want the Airwaves

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